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Welcome to Facilities Management. We are a service-oriented organization composed of people who value our community. From the planning process, to construction, to daily operations, Facilities Management is committed to providing the University with a safe, functional, and attractive campus environment.

Our Responsibilities: Facilities maintains more than 298 buildings and 1,534 acres, including Health Sciences, Ft. Douglas, and Research Park, used by over 31,000 students, 2,500 faculty, and 14,363 full-time staff.

Our Departments: Associate VP/Facilities Management, Campus Planning, Construction Project Delivery, Facilities Business Services, Facility Operations, and Environmental Health & Safety.

Services Provided: Capital Development, Community Relations, Long Range Development, Project Planning, Campus Maps, Financial, Surveying, Project Production and Management, Building and Grounds, Campus Utility Services, Central Services, Custodial and Keys, Energy Management, Recycling, Occupational & Building Safety, Academic Safety, Biological Safety, Health Care Safety, and Environmental Protection.

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Last Updated: 5/2/17