About Facilities Management

We promote excellence in the infrastructure to support the mission of the University of Utah "to serve the people of Utah and the world through the discovery, creation and application of knowledge; through the dissemination of knowledge by teaching, publication, artistic presentation and technology transfer; and through community engagement."

Our Responsibilities: We maintain 298 buildings and 1,534 acres (i.e., Health Sciences, Ft. Douglas, and Research Park) used by 28,025 students, 2,500 faculty, and 14,363 full-time staff as of the fall of 2007.

Our Departments: Associate VP/Facilities Management; Business Services; Construction Project Delivery; Campus Planning; Environmental Health & Safety; and Facility Operations.

Services Provided: Capital Development; Community Relations; Long Range Development; Project Planning; Campus Maps; Financial; Surveying; Project Production and Management; Building and Grounds; Campus Utility Services; Central Services; Custodial and Keys; Energy Management; Recycling; Occupational and Building Safety; Academic Safety; Biological Safety; Health Care Safety; and Environmental Protection.

Contact Info

Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

  • 801-581-6510

Business Services

  • 801-581-4707
  • fax: 801-581-6081

Construction Project Delivery

  • 801-581-6883
  • fax: 801-581-6081

Campus Planning

  • 801-581-3135
  • fax: 801-581-6081

Facility Operations

  • 801-581-7221
  • fax: 801-581-3312

Environmental Health & Safety

  • 801-581-6590