Design Criteria


  • The ground snow load must be calculated in accordance with Section 1608.1.2 of the Utah Amended Code (15A-3-107) with regional snow load factors compliant with Table 1608.1.2(a).


  • All wind load criteria shall comply to the latest adopted IBC Chapter 16 and State amendment reqirements.


  • All seismic design criteria shall comply with the latest adopted IBC Chapter 16 and State amendment requirements.
  • All projects located in close proximity to active faults must provide an appropriate surface-fault-rupture-hazard study in accordance with the (Guidelines for Evaluating Surface-Fault-Rupture Hazards in Utah). Earthquake fault maps for specific Utah Counties can be found on the website for the (Utah Geological Survey).


  • All projects require a site-specific soils report meeting the requirements of Section 1802 of the IBC.


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