Design Phase

ADA Checklist for Existing Buildings
The following Checklist published by the Department of Justice may be used to identify items needing to be included in the scope of work for the project under consideration. More...
Code Analysis Form
Link to the Code Analysis Form More...
Complete Drawing Requirements
Construction Documents - Reviews and Approval
The International Building Code, Section 106.3 outlines the process by which the building official reviews and approves the submitted construction documents. The following outlines the process to be implemented for the University. More...
Phased Approval Submittal
The Building Official is authorized to issue a permit for the construction of foundations or any other part of a building or structure before the construction documents for the whole building or structure have been submitted, provided that adequate information and detailed statements have been filed complying with pertinent requirements of this code. More...
Seismic Restraints for Non-Structural Components
Nonstructural components, whether architectural, mechanical, or electrical which are attached to the primary structure, must be restrained for seismic purposes. More...
Working with the Building Official
Design Professionals are encouraged to contact the building official having jurisdiction early in the design process. Final construction documents will need to be reviewed and approved for code compliance prior to construction. More...
Common Code Review Comments

Contact Info

Bryan Romney

  • Building Official
  • office: 801-581-5953
  • fax: 801-581-6081

John Staheli

  • Plans Examiner & Building Inspector
  • cell: 801-362-0182
  • Send email
Last Updated: 11/28/16