Phased Approval Submittal

The Building Official is authorized to issue a permit for the construction of foundations or any other part of a building or structure before the construction documents for the whole building or structure have been submitted, provided that adequate information and detailed statements have been filed complying with pertinent requirements of this code.

The following list is a minimum submittal to the Building Official for review and approval to begin construction:

  1. Drawings shall be wet-stamped, signed and dated by a State of Utah licensed Architect or engineer.
  2. Complete dimensioned site plan, including landscaping, civil drawings, parking layout, distances to property line and location of new and existing buildings on site.
  3. Complete code analysis: Occupancy classification, type of construction, square footage allowed and actual square footage of proposed building, height allowed in feet and stories, area modification calculations, exit width required and exit width provided, occupancy separations, design occupant load, accessibility requirements and any performance based design requested.
  4. Elevation drawings.
  5. Structural drawings and calculations.
  6. Soils report.
  7. Typical floor plans.
  8. Special inspection statement prepared by the registered design professional in responsible charge. This statement shall include a complete list of materials and work requiring special inspection.
  9. Deferred submittal items list, including approximate bid packages submittal dates and the date for the final set of drawings.

Contact Info

Bryan Romney

  • Building Official
  • office: 801-581-5953
  • fax: 801-581-6081

John Staheli

  • Plans Examiner & Building Inspector
  • cell: 801-362-0182
  • Send email

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