Land Surveying

This area is responsible for the documentation of physical features and providing information to facilitate construction and maintenance work on campus. Staffing consists of a Professional Land Surveyor and additional assistance as funding allows. Responsibilities include:

  • Documenting the location of buildings, utilities, infrastructure, and other physical elements of the campus
  • Issuance of digging permits and locating of utilities before digging occurs
  • Review of the impact of requested utility shutdowns
  • Researching title issues and preparing legal descriptions and official plats of survey for real property verification and documents creation
  • The Survey Digging Permit must not to be confused with a Building Permit. If you need a Building Permit please visit: 

Survey Digging Permit

Survey Service Ticket

Contact Info

Lenard Barney

  • Managing Surveyor
  • office: 801-585-5070
  • fax: 801-581-6081
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Matt Stones

  • Professional Surveyor
  • office: 801-581-4822
  • fax: 801-581-6081
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