All construction work must comply with the contract documents and the International Code Council family of codes and State of Utah amendments as approved by the Uniform Building Codes Commission.

You are expected to schedule your own progress inspections at appropriate intervals and to maintain on site the code approved stamped set of construction documents along with all code approved change orders.

The University has its own building official, Bryan Romney, AIA/ICC, who is the authority having jurisdiction for projects administered directly by the University. Bryan can be reached by phone at (801)581-5953 ( John Staheli is the University's Plans Examiner and 4-way inspector who works under the supervision of the building official. John can be reached at (801)362-0182.

The building official for the State Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) is the authority having jurisdiction for projects administered by DFCM unless DFCM delegates that authority to the University's building official. See

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