Custodial Services

Custodial Services


The Custodial Department provides routine, intermittent and restorative cleaning for all academic, research, and athletic facilities on campus. We strive to fulfill the University’s mission by providing students, faculty and staff with top quality academic, research and employment experiences by maintaining a clean, healthy environment for our customers who occupy and utilize the offices, classrooms, laboratories and public areas.

 Serving the U

Our dedicated custodial staff is responsible for cleaning approximately 6.5 million square feet of campus space that includes general and auxiliary areas. Our department is comprised of nearly 300 custodians both part-time and full-time to accommodate University needs. For more information regarding custodial standards, additional services and service frequencies please contact 801-581-6100.

Routine Cleaning Includes (public areas, private by arrangement):

  • Garbage containers emptied and supplied with liners
  • Hard floors dust-mopped, scrubbed and spills damp-mopped
  • Carpets vacuumed and spills spot cleaned
  • Open surfaces dusted and telephones cleaned in public areas
  • Doors, frames and switch plates spot cleaned in public areas
  • Building entries cleaned
  • Hallways buffed
  • Drinking fountains cleaned
  • Chalkboards, trays, and erasers cleaned; chalk supplied
  • Restrooms cleaned and dispensers refilled
  • Stairs and elevators cleaned
  • Lights replaced
  • Public lunch and vending areas cleaned
  • Door glass cleaned daily, side glass cleaned weekly and interior glass spot cleaned daily
  • Carpet, floor and window cleaning projects on an annual basis
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The Custodial Services department can also provide floor care and window cleaning services on a 12-18 month schedule. For more information regarding Specialty Services, please contact 801-585-6912.


Our carpet crew works evenings and weekends to service areas in an efficient and convenient manner.   Our mobile truck mounted system can cover more square footage than traditional methods and also utilizes steam requiring fewer chemicals.

 Hard Floor

Our hard floor crew moves from building to building to refinish various types of flooring such as vinyl, linoleum, rubber, terrazzo and more. The process for each floor treatment is determined according to the surface type.  


 Our window cleaning crew takes advantage of the warm months to service outside areas using a window washing system able to reach up to four stories. During the winter months, a traditional squeegee method is used for inside windows.


 Our department can also assist with re-lamping and lighting projects to change lights in large numbers or above 12 feet using ladders, lifts and scaffolds.



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In addition to providing a clean and healthy environment for students, we offer part-time job opportunities.  Custodial Services offers flexible work schedules and a school- friendly work-life balance. Work locations are conveniently on campus and eliminate any additional commute. For more information or to apply online, please visit:


 Custodial Services is partnered with several organizations within Salt Lake City to offer on-the-job training. If your organization is interested in partnership opportunities, please contact 801-581-6100.


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The University of Utah is the largest institution of the Utah System of Higher Education. Built in 1850, the University provides an array of unique and diverse facilities. With that comes the continual challenge to mentor, train and develop our staff so they can provide the very best practices for each building on campus. With the current movement the University is making towards USGBC LEED Certified buildings, it is important that our staff understand the environmental impacts they may have within each building they clean.   Our department strives to provide ongoing training within the facility and as well as in the classroom. View a list of our trainings that range from Equipment, Safety Procedures, Floor care and other custodial procedures.

Trainings Offered:

  • HAZCom
  • SDS
  • Floor Care
  • Equipment Use and Care
  • Chemical Safety
  • Asbestos
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Security
  • Closet Set-up and Control

and many more...

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Janus Award

Congratulations to the Social Work/Dance Crew led by crew leader, Chris Powers. The team topped other crews with the highest score on the SMART Inspections for the month of May!

 Janus Award Winner May 2014

Pictured Left to Right (Back Row):Michael Wilkinson, Robert Nager, Chris Powers, Lynda Cox, Adrian Guillen, Maria Gutierrez de Sanchez
 (Front Row): Jeridene Nengas, Martin Carbajal

Not Pictured:  Reed Denetclaw, Lori Vigil

Honorable Mentions:
Sorenson Arts Crew, led by Crew Leader, Johnny Dawson
Business Crew, led by Crew Leader, Gene Shelley
Park/SSB Crew, led by Crew Leader, Barbara Todd
Warnock Engineering Crew, led by Crew Leader, Robert Novosel

Custodial Services presents a monthly award for outstanding work within their assigned area. Our focus each month is to create continual progress and improvement for each area on campus through monitoring their work with our own SMARTInspect system. Each month the custodial office will recognize a crew that demonstrates their excellence in cleaning based on inspection scores.

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Contact Info

Dispatch, Facility Operations:

Office Hours:
7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

1745 E. South Campus Drive
Building 305
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112






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