Behavioral Initiatives

We can also assist in education efforts for managing energy, including proper use and training on control systems and opportunities for improved efficiency in your space. More...
Occupant Involvement
Through our Behavioral program we attempt to identify and implement non mechanical measures which involve the occupant's active participation in increasing efficiency and taking ownership and responsibility for their space. More...
Outreach Involvement
We are pleased to be a part of any outreach program at the University by being a part of various “green teams,” faculty, staff, or student committees interested in advancing energy efficiency. More...

Contact Info

Bianca Shama

  • Resource Conservation Specialist
  • cell: 917-686-8902
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Energy Savings

Kwh: 278,538,129.09
Dtherms: 15,984,757.90
GHG tons: 1,126,208.35
Dollars: $38,641,033.35