Incentive and Rebate Assistance

The Energy Office is responsible for taking advantage of various rebate and incentive programs associated with constructing efficiently. We are happy to assist any projects or departments wishing to do the same, including assistance with utility rebates and incentives for implementing efficiency measures offered through Rocky Mountain Power and Questar.

Requirements for eligibility under RMP Programs

In general, utility incentives call for specific pieces of equipment to meet minimum efficiency requirements. Rocky Mountain Power has a variety of incentive programs to meet your project's needs. For more information, please visit the RMP website.

Requirements for eligibility under Questar Program

Questar pays a cash rebate for qualifying equipment. Check Questar's website for details. Note:The building in which the project is occurring must be served under Questar's GS rate schedule. Most buildings on campus are not GS.

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Jeff Wrigley

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