Energy Conservation

Campus Energy Efficiency Projects
The Energy Office designs, manages, and implements increased efficiency measures across campus including retrofits and upgrades for non capital improvements. Contact the Energy Manager if you have ideas for improving your space by increasing efficiency. More...
Design Assistance
The involvement of the Energy Office in building design and review is becoming increasingly important as the University works towards the Presidential climate commitment and faces the realities of increasing energy costs. In addition to developing the University standards for meters, the office advocates building at the University with Energy Conservation as a primary design criteria. More...
Incentive and Rebate Assistance
The Energy Office is responsible for taking advantage of various rebate and incentive programs associated with constructing efficiently. More...
Renewable Energy Purchasing
Why buy clean renewable energy? Because by purchasing from sources such as windpower, you avoid supporting the production of harmful byproducts of coal-generated electricity. More...

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Jeff Wrigley

Energy Savings

Kwh: 278,538,129.09
Dtherms: 15,984,757.90
GHG tons: 1,126,208.35
Dollars: $38,641,033.35