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Windpower Programs

Why buy clean renewable energy? Because by purchasing from sources such as wind power, you avoid supporting the production of harmful byproducts of coal-generated electricity. These include high carbon emissions that drive global climate change and other toxins including mercury pollution that releases 48 tons of mercury each year in the US.

Campaigns for Sustainable Energy U of U Program

The wind energy fund established by ASUU has now been opened for additional participation by University faculty, researchers, staff, students and friends. Because of the large scale of this program, the cost ($3/mwh) is very low compared to the many other similar programs throughout the nation. In fact the cost per mhw of wind electricity is more than six times cheaper than typical schemes. Donations are made to the University so contributions are tax deductible.


Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Program

Utah Power residents and businesses can purchase new wind power through the Blue Sky program that provides clean, renewable wind energy in 100 kilowatt-hour (kwh) increments, called blocks, for just $1.95 per block per month. Each 100 kwh block represents about 10 percent of the average customer's monthly electricity usage.

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