Key Request Procedure

Refer to the University Regulations Library for the official Key Policy.

Key Issuance

  • Individuals wishing to have a key or keys issued to them shall complete an Application for Keys form. The form must be signed by the applicant and the cognizant approving officer or designee, and sent to Facility Operations' Key Shop. To verify the authorized approver for your department contact the Key Shop.
  • The Key Shop will maintain a file of "Authorized Signatures for Keys" to be used as a basis for key issuance. Keys will be issued only after the signatures on applications for keys have been verified as to authenticity.
  • The Key Shop will notify departments when keys are ready to be picked up, normally within 24 hours after receipt of the application.
  • When keys are picked up a copy of the application form will be given to the requesting department for its files.
  • You will be required to show your University ID for all key pick ups.

Broken/Bent Key Replacement

  • Please bring the broken/bent key into the office (USB 250) and it will be replaced.
  • If a key has been lost, please notify Campus Building Access.
  • If a lost key is later found, it must be returned to the Key Shop.

Access to Buildings by Outside Contractors

  • Construction Project Delivery is responsible for making arrangements with outside contractors requiring building access, and shall coordinate all lock work through the Key Shop.

Lock Repair and Replacement

  • Locks may not be installed, repaired or replaced on any doors without the specific approval of Facility Operations. Departments will be liable for any resultant damage or costs of corrections if unauthorized installations are made.

Contact Info

Duncan Campbell

  • Campus Building Access (Key Shop)
  • office: 801-585-3346

Key Shop

  • Office: 801-581-8265
  • Dispatch: 801-581-7221

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