Campus Irrigation

With approximately 700 acres of landscaped campus space, Landscape Maintenance uses a high-tech weather-based approach to irrigation.

A weather based irrigation system is able to track moisture lost or used on a daily basis. Evapotranspiration, or ET, is a landscape term used to describe moisture lost from evaporation in the soil combined with moisture lost through transpiration from the plant’s leaf surface. The irrigation system collects data from an on-campus weather station. Solar radiation, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and precipitation are run through an algorithm to determine how much water is lost in the soil. The weather-based irrigation system then responds by applying the appropriate amount of water to keep plants happy and healthy without over-watering. Compressing and managing watering patterns on campus can mean faster mowing and longer hours of use availability on fields for campus recreation purposes.

Landscape Maintenance restricts their watering window to 6:00 PM through 10:00 AM. Typically, they try to water as much as they can between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. With the size of campus, and the confines of the infrastructure, there are areas which require the use of the larger window of time. If you see areas being watered outside of that time, it could be for one of several reasons. First, the area could be new plant material. When new sod, new seed, or new plants are introduced to an area on campus, they are put on a new plant watering regimen which may require some daytime watering. Second, sprinklers may be on outside of the evening hours as a result of testing or repair. Third, faulty equipment may be a reason for daytime watering; please call Dispatch at 801-581-7221 if you suspect a problem. Lastly, construction may impact watering schedules. Sometimes contractors run the irrigation system outside of Landscape Maintenance's preferred watering schedule.

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