Funding Types and Approval Requirements

Capital Development
Capital Development is a term that is defined in statute (63A-5-104, U.C.A.) to establish approval requirements for state facilities. Regardless of the source of funding, a capital development project is any project meeting one or more specific criteria. More...
Capital Facilities and Remodeling (CF&R)
The Capital Facilities & Remodeling funds are allocated annually for general departmental, research, accessibility, remodels, etc. Funding is used to assist colleges and departments to meet physical environmental changes in their programmatic needs. More...
Capital Improvement
Capital Improvement generally refers to a funding program where the Legislature appropriates funds to the State Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) for repair and maintenance projects on existing state facilities. More...
Departmental & Donor Funding
Departmental funds are any funds provided by the department for a project. This may include donor funds regardless of whether the donation is restricted to that project. Many projects are funded entirely through departmental funds. In other cases, departmental funds are combined with other funding sources such as State Capital Development funds or University CF&R funds. More...

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