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“Capital Development” is a term that is defined in statute (63A-5-104, U.C.A.) to establish approval requirements for state facilities. Regardless of the source of funding, a capital development project is any project meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • A new facility with a construction cost of $500,000 or more. The definition of a new facility includes additions to existing facilities and the enclosure of space that was not previously fully enclosed.
  • A remodeling, site, or utility project with a total cost of $2.5 million or more.
  • A purchase of real property where a state appropriation is requested to fund the purchase.

Approval Requirements:

The submission of Capital Development projects to the University's Board of Trustees, the State Board of Regents, the State Building Board, and the State Legislature is handled by Facilities Management. See also Departmental and Donor (link) page if the project includes funding from donations, department funds or other non-state funds. For a description of the steps and timeframe involved with this process see Capital Development Request Timeline (link)

University Board of Trustees
All Capital Development projects must be approved by the University's Board of Trustees.

State Board of Regents
All Capital Development projects must be approved by the State Board of Regents.

State Building Board
Capital Development projects are submitted to the State Building Board which makes recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature.

The State Building Board may provide final authorization for a non-State funded capital development project if it meets all of the following requirements. If approved by the Building Board, these projects do not need legislative approval. To qualify, the University must:

  • Provide a funding plan that does not include State-appropriated funds for the design and construction of the facility or for future repairs and improvements.
  • Provide a plan for funding the resulting operations and maintenance costs without an increase in State-funded operations and maintenance funding.
  • Demonstrate that the project is consistent with the University's master plan and that the use of the property will not have an adverse impact on the State.

State Legislature
A Capital Development project proposed to be constructed on state-owned land (regardless of funding source or ownership of the project) must be approved by the State Legislature unless it meets one of the following exceptions:

  • A renovation, remodeling, or retrofit project which is funded entirely with non-State funds.
  • A Capital Development project which will be funded entirely by non-State funds and which has been authorized by the State Building Board.
  • A project constructed within the University's Research Park that is owned by a non-State entity and which is funded with non-State funds.

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