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Departmental funds are any funds provided by the department for a project. This may include donor funds regardless of whether the donation is restricted to that project. Many projects are funded entirely through departmental funds. In other cases, departmental funds are combined with other funding sources such as State Capital Development funds or University CF&R funds.

When appropriate for the project, preliminary work such as planning and scope definition may be initiated upon receipt of funding for this portion of the work. Full design and construction may not begin until full funding for the project is provided for as required below. Full project funding includes all expected project costs plus an allowance for contingencies.

Approval Process:

Internal approval and process requirements apply to departmental and donor funding which are in addition to the approval requirements that apply to projects meeting the definition of Capital Development.

If the cost of the project is over $1 million, the funds will generally be administered through the office of the Vice President for Administrative Services. The funds must either be transferred to that office up front or a Funding Plan must be authorized.

If the cost of the project is under $1 million, the funds will be administered by Facilities Management. In most cases, the funds must be transferred up front to Facilities Management where they will be placed in a project account. In some cases, a Funding Plan may be authorized instead.

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