Getting Started

Available Services
Services offered include Feasibility and Facility Planning Studies, Programming, Design, Bidding, Construction, Project Support and a variety of other services. More...

How Do I Get It Approved?
The approval requirements for a project depend on the nature and size of the project. As a general rule, the construction of new space requires more approvals than remodels of existing space. More...

What About Funding?
With the exception of requests for state funding, the University entity that will benefit from a project is generally responsible for seeking and obtaining funds for the project. More...

How Do I Get It Designed?
Large projects, such as new buildings, building additions, and major remodeling or renovations usually require a number of pre-design steps. Most projects for interior remodeling or renovations of labs, classrooms, offices and similar facilities can often get started with a Quick Assessment, a Feasibility Study, or go straight to design. More...

How Do I Get It Constructed?
Once a project is designed, funded and approved for construction, the Project Manager will initiate the construction phase of the project. More...

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Campus Planning

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