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Services offered include the following:

Feasibility and Facility Planning Studies

We can help evaluate facilities needs, and determine what will be required to fill those needs. We can assist by retaining professional consultants who can help determine the feasibility of the project, including possible design approaches, estimated costs and schedule expectations.


Programming is a process that translates an academic or business plan into a catalog of physical spaces needed to make those plans a reality. Programming is an important process usually required only on larger projects, and is the first step in developing a clear understanding of the physical implications of an academic or business plan.


We retain the services of qualified consultants to design the facilities needed. We provide leadership during the design effort to make sure the consultants are being attentive to the University's needs, and are providing the kind of design excellence expected at the University of Utah.


We procure the services of qualified contractors through several different bid processes, including two-step pre-qualified bids, value based selections (VBS), and straight low bids. Most bidding is accomplished on-line through a web-based process.


After procuring construction services of a qualified contractor, we manage the construction project, tracking costs and schedules, and keeping stakeholders informed through regular construction meetings and other coordination meetings according to the needs of the project. In the near future we will provide on-line access of financial transactions and schedule status on demand.

Project Support

A number of services provide administrative support for projects including:accounting, procurement, contracting, support of the Unifier project management system, and document management.

Other Services

There are many other services that may be required during the course of a project for which we retain special consultants and or contractors, including LEED certification, Environmental Impact Statements when required, historic building surveys, commissioning, specialized lab design or design of technical facilities such as clean rooms, nano-fab facilities or acoustical environments, specialized design for performing arts facilities, etc. Our objective is to bring together and manage all the resources, skills and talents needed to design and construct the best possible facilities for the University of Utah.

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Construction Project Delivery

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Campus Planning

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