How Do I Get It Constructed?

Once a project is designed, funded and approved for construction, the Project Manager will initiate the construction phase of the project. This process includes procuring a contractor and actual construction. See Overview of the Construction Process for more information.

Prior to construction, there are things you will need to consider and arrange for in advance. They include such things as:

  • Where will staff or faculty go that are being displaced by the construction work.
  • Where will your furniture and equipment be moved during construction.
  • Where do you want your data and phone lines to be moved to?
  • Do you have ongoing research in labs that will be affected by the construction, or by construction in adjoining spaces? Does that research work need to be moved or suspended temporarily to avoid disruption from noise, vibration, or other environmental disturbances.
  • Are you going to order new furnishings or equipment? Is the order scheduled far enough in advance to assure delivery by the time construction is complete?
  • Has your department arranged for new phone and data installation? Your Project Manager can assist you with this.

During Construction, as the requesting department, you will continue to be involved in the construction process. The Project Manager will schedule regular meetings with you, the contractor, the architect and other project personnel as needed to keep you informed of scheduled progress, cost incurred against the budget, and other matters of concern to you. You will approve changes in the project. Utility shutdowns will be scheduled to accommodate as much as possible your ongoing operations. They should also notify you of construction operations that will produce unusually loud noise, significant vibrations, unusual smells, or other activities that have the potential of disrupting your on-going operations. Other concerns or questions you may have can be addressed at these important meetings.

Please be aware that no University staff is authorized to give the contractor directions contrary to their contract requirements except the Project Manager. If you have concerns that the contractor is doing something wrong, or not according to your expectations, contact your Project Manager immediately.

The construction site should be isolated from your ongoing operations to prevent University staff from entering the construction area, and to prevent dust and other contaminates from migrating into areas of ongoing operations. Please be aware that normal construction noise is to be expected. If there are concerns regarding noise and other impacts from the construction, talk to your Project Manager. If possible, such concerns should be addressed while the project is still in design.

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