How Do I Get It Designed?

Large projects, such as new buildings, building additions, and major remodeling or renovations, usually require a number of pre-design steps as outlined in Overview of Pre-Design Process.

Most projects for interior remodeling or renovations of labs, classrooms, offices and similar facilities can often get started with a Quick Assessment, a Feasibility Study, or go straight to design. Accomplishing one of these steps always starts with a Project Manager from Facilities Management. The Project Manager will be your advocate and advisor to guide you through the design process, whether the project is large or small. One concern you may have is time. The sooner you can involve a Project Manager in your plans, the better chance you have of getting what you need as soon as possible.

It may be tempting to begin to design a project on your own. However, there may be conditions in the building that make your ideas impossible to accomplish, such as code requirements, structural conditions, or mechanical problems. We suggest that you talk with a Project Manager about your ideas before you start thinking about design. The Project Manager can help you determine a very preliminary feasibility of your ideas and guide you through the process of design in a way that should be more efficient for your time and more cost effective for the process.

Please be aware that departments on campus are not authorized to retain the services of a consulting architect or engineer for design work on campus without working through Facilities Management.

You may initiate a Request for Architectural or Engineering Services online. Your request should receive a response from a Project Manager within a couple of days. If your project is urgent, please call Construction Project Delivery directly for immediate attention, 581-6883.

The Design Process is described in Overview of Design Process.

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