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Capital Development Request Timeline

All University Capital Development project requests must be submitted to Campus Planning one year prior to each legislative cycle for review and approval by University Administration and the Board of Trustees. Campus Planning submits the University's prioritized Capital Development project requests to the Board of Regents of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) and the Utah State Building Board through the Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) beginning in June of each year.

The State Building Board, on behalf of all state agencies, commissions, departments, and institutions evaluates all Capital Development project requests during late summer and fall, finalizes their recommendations and priorities in early October, and submits the recommended priority list to the Utah State Legislature for the January session. The Building Board will not accept additional state-funded or non-state funded project requests after their initial evaluation and recommendation session. Approved projects may begin formal programming, design, and construction processes following the legislative session and the Governor's signature on authorizing legislation around the first of April.

General Timeline

February - Campus Planning should receive notice of any Capital Development projects to be considered for Legislative approval the following year.

March - Work Strategizing Session w/ AVP Group to determine which projects will be recommended to Senior Administration to be considered for Legislative approval the following year.

April - Campus Planning works with the requesting departments and project managers in developing packaging information for the administration including a statement of programmatic needs and justification, approximate space requirements, and the initial project cost estimate.

May - Senior Administration reviews the Capital Development Requests, determines which project(s) will be presented for Legislative approval the following year, and prioritizes future projects for the Building Board's Five-Year Plan.

June - Capital Budget Request Binder packaged by Campus Planning for the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. List of State funded Capital Budget requests submitted to DFCM. Campus Planning works with the requesting departments and project managers to polish and package the programmatic need/justification statements, space requirements, and project cost estimates.

July - Capital Budget Binder submitted to Administration. Final Capital Budget Requests for state-funded projects submitted to DFCM.

August - Final Capital Budget Requests for nonstate-funded projects submitted to DFCM. Board of Trustees approval. Board of Regents approval.

October - Presentations to and prioritization by the State Building Board.

March - Legislative Decision.

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