Remodels and Upgrades

Remodels and Upgrades may be requested through Construction Project Delivery. Approval will be needed by the Department Chairman and the cognizant Vice President to proceed with a feasibility study, design or construction of such a project.

Once you have decided that a remodel or upgrade of existing space is needed, the first step is to submit a Request for Architectural or Engineering Services. A Project Manager from Construction Project Delivery will contact you immediately, usually with a day or so after we receive the request, to discuss your needs. They will walk you through the process, and advise you regarding options. If needed, and if funding is available, the Project Manager will arrange for a consultant to do a preliminary study, or Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study will help define the scope of the project, and provide a ball-park opinion of the cost of the work involved.

If you are satisfied with the outcome of the Feasibility Study, agree to the scope of work, and have identified funding for the project, you may want to go on to next step. The next step is to select an architect or engineer and begin the design of the project. This step will produce the documents needed to define the project in detail. These documents will provide the basis for obtaining a contractor to do the construction work. This step will also provide a more accurate cost estimate and inform you how long the project will take to construct.

Once the construction documents have been produced and approved, a contractor will be procured to construct the project.

Steps Approvals Funding Needed For:
Feasibility Study Dept. Chair and VP Study Only
Design Dept. Chair and VP Total Project
Construction Dept. Chair and VP Total Project

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