FM Organizational Changes

Enhanced Construction Services

Facilities Management (FM) leaders have been looking at approaches to enhance and streamline construction project management services with particular attention on smaller and most frequent sized projects. To accelerate and facilitate these continuing efforts FM announces the following structural change in our organization.

Effective immediately Construction Project Delivery (CD&C) will be restructured into two groups each lead by a Director. Planning functions and staff primarily involved in campus planning and facility development efforts will be under the leadership of John McNary. Construction management, project delivery functions and project management staff will be under the leadership of Interim Director, Cory Higgins. A search for a new director of project delivery functions will begin in the near future.

Goals of this realignment are to focus the skills of our staff on what they do best and to accelerate process and procedure improvements in the following core functional areas of planning and delivery of projects.

  • Campus master plans
  • Facility studies and concepts
  • Project development and funding approval
  • For Large projects & those w/ impacts to campus, manage:
    • Programming
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
  • Aware of Small and Medium
  • Manage front-end relationships with campus & donor stakeholders
  • Construction management
  • Involved with Design Development of large projects
  • Manage Construction Document phase of large projects
  • Resource to the Planning Group design, construction methods, estimating, etc.
  • Typically manage full design of small and medium projects
  • Communication with Clients

No immediate changes in projects assigned to current Project Managers are part of this announcement; however, over time we will continue to make resource assignment changes in order to best meet needs as projects proceed.

As always, we appreciate all who perform and support our project management functions. We expect this change to lead to further positive, productive, and exciting developments for our organization. Lastly, we anticipate even greater success in delivering a range of projects and facility modifications to meet your needs and that of our evolving campus.