High Temperature Water (HTW) Shutdown

Work is nearing completion on two major infrastructure upgrade projects that impact the high temperature water (HTW) system across the campus.  These projects are replacing old, failing pipe to the buildings listed below in Zones 1 and 2 with new durable pipe. To facilitate the completion of these projects and perform preventative maintenance on the HTW facilities, an extended shutdown of the HTW system is required.

While this extended shutdown may result in some inconvenience, the work being completed will enable more reliable HTW service in the future and reduce the number of emergency shutdowns that the campus has experienced in recent years. This work has been scheduled for the July-August period when fewer people are on campus and there is a reduced need for HTW service.

In the affected areas, hot water will not be available for

  • Rest rooms and showers
  • Custodial sinks
  • Laboratories
  • Humidification in certain ventilation systems
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Food service outside of Olpin Union 

Listed below are the dates and times for the shutdown, affected areas, and backup services being provided for critical areas of campus. If you have any questions, concerns, or need additional information regarding this shutdown, please contact the project manager or Facility Operations Dispatch.

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we build a better U. 

Shutdown Dates/Times

Start: July 12, 2012, 5 p.m.

End: August 18, 2012, 8 a.m.

Affected Areas

The HTW shutdown will impact the following areas of campus. Click the image thumbnail on the right for a graphical view of the areas impacted. The Health Sciences campus and other buildings east of Mario Cappechi Drive are not affected by this shutdown.

Zone 1 Zone 2 Steam Zone 3 Zone 4
001 PARK 059 MSRL 007 LS 066 PMT 005 GTB 045 CTHIB 151 SMBB
002 VOICE 060 ESB 008 AEB 067 BKSTORE 006 ST 049 LNCO  
003 DGH 061 MCE 025 BEH S 072 Q LIB 010 PHYS 065 MBH  
004 KH 062 WEB 026 SW 073 LAW 014 JTB 090 JHC  
009 JWB 063 WEB 027 S BEH 082 ASB 017 PAB 091 HPR E  
011 WBB 064 MEB 028 MCD 084 BIOL 043 NS 092 HPR N  
012 FASB 074 BU C 029 FLD H 085 CHEM 044 BD 44 093 HPRNAT  
013 LCB 077 CRCC 031 C HALL 086 M LIB 051 SILL 094 HPR W  
019 INSCC 079 SFEBB 035 UMFA   052 ALUMNI 095 HPR SW  
040 SSB 083 JFB 036 FMAB   053 UNION 096 HPR SE  
056 CME   037 ARCH   054 OSH 098 BAAC  
057 HEDCO   038 ART   347 STMGEN 179 EBC  
058 MPL   039 SCULPT   372 KENN B 350 VRTUSB  

Backup Services

Backup hot water and steam service will be provided in the following critical areas:

Building Bldg No. Hot Water Back Up Service Provided
Kingsbury Hall 4 Sinks and Showers
Life Sciences 7 Laboratory Steam and Hot Water
Marriott Dance Center 28 Sinks and Showers
Nielsen Field House 29 Sinks and Showers
UMFA 35 Humidification for Collections
Alumni House 52 Kitchen and Sinks
Olpin Union 53 Food Service Preparation
Skaggs Biology 82 Laboratory Steam and Hot Water
Biology 84 Laboratory Steam and Hot Water
Henry Eyring 85 Laboratory Steam for Autoclave in 1103 only
Marriott Library 86 Humidification for Collections
Huntsman Center 90 Showers and Sinks Only
HPER 91-97 Showers & Sinks Only (No heat to Pools)
SMBB (Ustar) 0151 151 Back Up Boiler will operate
Eccles Broadcast Center 179 Building Temperature Control

Contact Info

Tom Christensen

Facility Operations Dispatch

  • 801-581-7221

Affected Areas

Map showing areas of campus affected by the July 2012 HTW Shutdown