Janus Award - August 2012

The August Janus Award was presented to the Museum of Natural History/NPS Crew led by Crew Leader, Lisa McCarrel. The team edged out other Custodial Services teams for the second consecutive month with the top score on their SMART inspection.

August Janus Award Winners

Pictured left to right: Lisa McCarrel, Ernesto Rivera, Freddy Rosales, Keith Jensen; Bottom: Adrianna Giron, Clayton Norlen; Not pictured: Justin Beradje, Jennifer Coulson, Preston Cruz, Elka Fernandez, Liz Hedges, James Ovenden, Chrispin Sangano, Motikhar Sanyashi

Honorable Mentions
Biology Crew led by Crew Leader, Kellie Whitten
USTAR Crew led by Crew Leader, Glen Nelson
Merrill Engineering Crew led by Crew Leader, Barbara Bingle

About the Janus Award

Custodial Services presents a monthly award for outstanding work within their assigned area. The award is named after the Roman god, Janus; who is a two headed god that looks from the past to the future monitoring change and transition during time. Our focus each month is to create continual progress and improvement for each area on campus through monitoring their work with our own SMARTInspect system.  Each month the custodial office will recognize a crew that demonstrates their excellence in cleaning based on inspection scores.