Exploring Options for Family and Student Housing

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Family student housing is a crucial need at the University of Utah. The West and East Villages at University Student Apartments, for the last 53 and 41 years respectively, served as the primary site for campus family housing.

“Nearly everyone at the U knows a person or has a family member who’s lived in the University Student Apartments” said Gordon Wilson, assistant vice president for Auxiliary Services. “These apartments have served student families for decades, and we want to ensure that future students and families get to be a part of this tradition.”

To that end, the university is exploring options for modernizing these facilities. Rebuilding family student housing was one of many initiatives set in the 2008 Campus Master Plan and the university is currently exploring the possibility of a public/private partnership to replace family student housing. In this approach, public and private entities collaborate to structure and negotiate the creation of new facilities. University of California, Irvine, and Arizona State University are among many campuses where this type of collaboration exists.

If a public/private partnership is deemed feasible, the University will hold community and town hall meetings to keep the larger community informed as plans develop.

This updated housing will provide modern, safe and efficient living spaces for students with families. The University of Utah is working with consultant Greg Wachalski, vice president of Brailsford & Dunlavey, to identify companies with an interest in partnering on this project.

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