4 Ways to be More Sustainable in 2015

The sustainability team at the University of Utah has been hard at work in 2014 to make the campus a more efficient place.  Here are four things the U has done in 2014 and you can resolve to do in 2015 at your own home!  Happy New Year to all--think green in 2015.

  1.  Through the U’s community solar program, more than 330 people installed solar panels on their homes. While the program is now closed, those interested in going solar can get an estimate of the return on investment for putting clean energy on their roof at solarsimplified.org.
  2. Fume hoods in science labs can use up to four times the annual energy of a house so the U is educating users about turning them off when not in use. Find out where your biggest energy users are in the home by scheduling an energy audit through Questar.
  3. The Huntsman Center lighting system was replaced with high-efficiency LED bulbs. Upgrading the lights in your home to LEDs can save up to 75 percent on lighting costs.
  4. The Biology Building is using temperature setbacks to save energy in the winter. Turning down the thermostat 5-8 degrees while you’re away or asleep in the winter could save up to 15 percent each year on your heating bill.

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