Drawing Information and Templates

Information for contracted A&Es

Facilities Management has specific criterion that must be met for all AutoCAD and REVIT files submitted by outside consultants and contractors. The following information and associated links will outline what standards must be followed and what expectations must be met while working with the Facilities Management. Please review the following information. If you have any question please contact the appropriate party listed in the sidebar to the right.

CAD and B.I.M. Drawing Expectations


The standards include proper naming conventions, and the proper use of functions with-in Auto CAD and Revit. These functions include scaling, layers, xrefs and rvt. When the standards are properly adhered to this saves the University time and money. If not followed properly, staff at the university has to spend valuable time and resources in correcting the as-built construction drawings or models to meet the U's needs. The Design Standards will reflect these expectations on May 1, 2015.

CAD Template


In the CAD template you will find the proper layer naming conventions, and the campus located to the proper coordinate system referenced in the design standards. Please utilize the proper location to sight your building and begin your drafting of floor and site plans. If you have any questions please contact a GIS staff member. 



The above link is a Revit file to help all who are unfamiliar with Revit. If you have any questions contact a GIS staff member.

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