Social and Behavioral Sciences Seismic Upgrade

About This Project:

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The purpose of the project is a seismic retrofit of the building to increase life safety features of the building. Classrooms on the first floor of the building will also be upgraded and enhanced as part of this project.

Here is a brief overview of the schedule:

The first phase of the project (phase 1A) will have the greatest impact in the Film and Media Arts Building (FMAB)
The Virtual Reality Lab currently in BEHS will be relocated to the basement of FMAB in December of 2014.

While this is occurring, FMAB residence will notice construction fencing and site work on north east corner of their building.

The Virtual Reality Lab will remain in BEHS until December, when it will move to FMAB.

The second phase (phase 1B) will mostly impact BEHS.
Once the Virtual Reality Lab moves to FMAB in December of 2014, BEHS classrooms on level one and the basement will close for construction.

The basement, computer labs, and classrooms on the first floor will be shut down for construction for a year (through December of 2015).

During this time, expect construction fencing as required outside the building. We've established a no noise no vibration time period*, most of the heavy work will occur after regular business hours. Once construction begins in BEHS, we'll clearly indicate ADA path of travel through the building. There will also be 72 hour notification to any interruption to the agreed no noise, no vibration schedule.

If you'd like other construction documents, or if you have other questions about current work or specific project requests, email project manager Christin Robbins.

Phase 2: BEHS seismic retrofit and classroom remodel .
Moving Virtual Reality Lab out of the basement of Social and Behavioral Sciences to the basement of FMAB.

Schedule (updated 11/20/2014)

Design Development Documents (uploaded 11/12/2014)

*No noise/no vibration schedule: Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 9:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.


Construction Impacts

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