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Mobile Routing

Finding your way around the University of Utah campus can be overwhelming.  To assist you getting from one location to another a mobile Web application has been developed to provide pedestrian routing on the sidewalk network at the University.

How to use:

  • Using the browser on your mobile device, navigate to:
  • Agree to allow the application to use your current location
  • Choose to get to a building or food establishment on campus
  • If you are trying to get to a building choose the building from the list in the application
  • If you are trying to find food, when you select that option you will get a list of food establishments within a half mile of where you are.
  • Select the building or establishment you are interested in and the application with provide you a route from your current location.

Mobile Routing Sample

A few pointers will be helpful:

  • The route provided will use the University sidewalk network on the campus and some near campus areas only.  Don’t expect to get a route to or from destinations outside of the University campus.
  • Routes provided may not be the quickest way to a destination since the route will be on sidewalks and not through parking lots unless there is a crosswalk.
  • The routes provided will avoid sidewalks closed due to construction activity.
  • The distance from your start location to final destination will be displayed at the top of the screen.


  • You will be provided with a route on campus if you are within a quarter mile from the campus.  Beyond this distance a message will appear indicating you are too far away to generate a route.
  • Only food options within a half mile of your location will be displayed and the application does not provide a menu for food venues on campus.
  • The application is designed to function best on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices although it may function on other mobile devices.
  • Settings on your individual device may affect functionality and performance.
  • If using the UGuest WiFi network you may experience poor functionality in the app. Try accessing the network through a different source.

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Last Updated: 9/9/16