Quick Permit

A Quick Permit is required when the work is considered an alteration and exceeds the intent of an Annual Permit. Quick Permits do not require submittal documents prepared by architects or engineers for the following work:


  • Concrete replacement of flatwork where no structural fill is required
  • Concrete stair replacement where height of rise is 30” or less
  • Installation of suspended acoustical ceiling systems for areas less than 1,000 square feet


  • Addition of electrical circuits and outlets up to 50 amp including home runs.
  • Installation of electrical conduit less than 1” in diameter for a maximum project size of 50 amps
  • Replacement of light fixtures


  • Replacement of domestic water heaters (electric or gas) of same size as existing
  • Installation of DI and/or RO water systems to existing sinks
  • Installation of exposed piping runs (to include; water, air, gases, etc.)
  • Connection of equipment to existing plumbing waste, vent, and water lines


  • Installation of split unit systems with a maximum size of 3 ton or less
  • Alter ductwork to accommodate new ceiling height or lighting layout (not to add new space)


  • TI/Alteration relocating, adding or capping less than 25 heads. Must comply with the following.
  • No change of use or hazard classification
  • Not moving/relocating mains or cross mains
  • Will not change the hydraulic calculations of the system
  • Limited to light/ordinary hazard
  • Inspection of the piping is required prior to the installation of ceiling or ceiling tile.
  • A final inspection is required.

Drawings and specifications are not required to obtain a Quick Permit unless requested by the Building Official or Fire Code Official at the time of application for the permit.

All Quick Permits shall require construction phase and final inspections by the Building Official and/or Fire Official as determined at the time of application for the permit.

Quick Permits are to be completed within 90 days maximum, with time extensions as allowed by the Building Official.

Download the Quick Permit