Banner Guidelines & Standards

  1. The University endorses the use of on-campus banners and non-permanent signage that
    adhere to the following guidelines. These standards are established to protect University
    buildings and property from possible damage; to ensure the safety and security of
    students, faculty and staff; to protect the visual appearance and environment of the
    University; and to support the University’s overall brand and message.
  2. All requests to install banners on the buildings or grounds of the University of Utah
    must first be approved by the departments of University Marketing & Communications
    and Facilities Management.
  3. Banner designs and content must fall within the University’s Speech Policy (1-007)
    and must promote events, programs or activities at the University of Utah (or sponsored
    by the University of Utah or its entities). Banners or signs that promote or advertise
    for products, events or activities not sponsored by the University or its entities,
    or not located on the University of Utah, are not permitted.
  4. Any banners or temporary signs will only be approved on the following basis:
    • 4.1. The overall design is compatible with the design of the façade of the building
      or structure to which the banner/sign will be attached.
    • 4.2. The design broadly reflects the University’s overall brand identity and includes
      an easily legible official logo.
    • 4.3. The banner/sign is maintained in good condition.
    • 4.4. The requesting organization works with University Marketing & Communications
      and Facilities Management well in advance of the date needed for the banner/sign to
      be posted.
  5. Banners/signs mounted on ground-installed poles or posts have additional regulations.
    • 5.1. The poles or posts must be installed by Facility Operations (Facilities Management)
      in order to ensure underground utilities, sprinkler lines and other infrastructure
      are not damaged.
    • 5.2. The requesting organization will pay installation and mounting/removal costs.
    • 5.3. Poles/posts thus installed become the property of the University of Utah and
      may be scheduled by the Scheduling Office for the posting of other banners and signs
      throughout the year.

      • 5.3.1. The requesting organization may engage Facilities Management to remove the
        posts or poles.
      • 5.3.2. Banners removed by Facilities Management must be claimed by the owner/sponsor
        within 48 hours. Facilities Management will not store banners that have been removed,
        and will not be responsible for banners unclaimed after 48 hours.
    • 5.4. Banners/signs promoting specific events or activities must be removed within
      five (5) days following the event. Signs left up longer than five days may be removed
      by Facilities Management and the posting organization will be charged. Banners must
      be claimed as per 5.3.2 above.
    • 5.5. Banners regulated by the Scheduling Office are subject to Additional Approvals.
  6. Posting banners/signs on buildings is discouraged by the University. Some latitude,
    however, has been granted to auxiliary organizations. Banner requests from auxiliary
    organizations for posting on buildings will be considered individually. In general:
    Requests for a banner or temporary sign may be approved if:

    • 6.1. Installation of the banner will not damage the building or structure on which
      it is affixed. This includes a prohibition against drilling holes in the brick, stone,
      roof or other exterior finish materials of the buildings or structures.
    • 6.2. Installation methods and details must be reviewed and approved by Facilities
      Management prior to installation. The completed installation will be inspected and
      approved by the Facilities Management Department.
    • 6.3. Banner designs must be reviewed and approved by University Marketing & Communications
      prior to installation.
    • 6.4. Banners will be maintained in good condition. Banners that, in the opinion of
      Facilities Management or University Marketing & Communications, have become worn,
      torn, faded, soiled or otherwise defaced will be removed at the expense of the posting
    • 6.5. Historic buildings or structures deemed appropriate for architectural preservation
      will receive an even more rigorous screening from Facilities Management before posting
      approval will be considered.
    • 6.6. Banners will be approved for display for a specified and limited length of time,
      after which they must be removed.
  7. Requests from all other campus entities for posting banners/signs on buildings are
    typically not approved. Special requests may be considered when made by the organization’s
    cognizant vice president. In addition to adhering to the guidelines listed above (6.1
    – 6.6), the posting of banners/signs by non-auxiliary entities on buildings are not
    to exceed 30 days and must be related to a special event (e.g., donor recognition,
    promotion of symposia, etc.). Signs must be removed within five (5) days following
    the event. Signs left up longer than five days may be removed by Facilities Management
    and the posting organization will be charged. Banners that are removed by Facilities
    Management must be reclaimed as per 5.3.2.
  8. Requests for banners/signs in other locations, such as on landscape features, canopies,
    railings, support structures, etc., will be considered on an individual basis. Approval
    for such banners will be considered on the basis of the conditions and limitations
    listed for building installations, above, as applicable.
  9. Banners designed for posting on identified lamp posts around campus must also meet
    University Marketing & Communication and Facilities Management parameters.

    • 9.1. Banners are limited to a maximum of three months’ posting time for any one organization
      or promotion.
    • 9.2. Lampposts on campus are reserved for promoting University events and activities.
      No organization or promotion can reserve more than half the available lamp post locations
      at any one time.
    • 9.3. Access to the posts is prioritized, with institutional events (e.g., Homecoming,
      Founders Day, Plazafest, etc.) having first priority. Second priority is assigned
      to university-related events (e.g., Athletics, ASUU, UMFA, UMNH, Women’s Week, etc.),
      and commercial non-campus organizations in partnership with University groups take
      third priority.
    • 9.4. Posting organizations are responsible for ensuring their banners match the hanging
      requirements of the lamp posts.
  10. Banners and signs posted in conjunction with ASUU Student Elections must follow guidelines
    in Redbook, as well as in the Candidate Information Packet, and Elections Regulations
    and Guidelines issued for the respective election year. Candidate signs for general
    public elections shall not be posted on campus grounds.