Exterior Sign Review & Approval Process

Procedure for Exterior Signs – Administrative Review and Approval Process

DATE: December 05, 2013

TO: Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Facility Managers

FROM: Michael G. Perez, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

SUBJECT: Exterior Building Signs – Administrative Review and Approval Process

In order to provide a consistent and uncluttered image to the community, to maintain an attractive campus, and to protect the exterior surfaces of campus structures, The University of Utah implemented the following exterior signage guidelines, review, and approval process. Requests for the design, fabrication and installation of exterior signs on campus should conform to the process outlined below:

  1. Requests should be submitted in writing to the Facilities Management Review Committee (FMRC). A dimensioned and placement sketch should accompany the request.
  2. Sign placement may be suggested but will ultimately be approved by FMRC.
  3. All costs associated with sign fabrication and installation shall be assumed by the requesting unit.
  4. All banners or signage must conform to Banner Guidelines and Standards.

Please note that individual units within the same building are not allowed individual exterior signs. These situations are appropriately handled by building directories. Campus buildings are to be identified only by their approved name (e.g., The Park Building). “Temporary” signs also fall within the provisions of this notice (e.g., banners). Neon or electronic display signs, even if mounted inside a building (if visible from the outside), are prohibited.

Policy 9-001: Naming of University Facilities and Programs.

Jayna Gelsinger