Mission: Remove waste to keep campus clean and attempt to reduce the campus communities’ environmental impact of our waste stream.
Purpose: Keep campus clean and green.

We recycle to keep reduce our campus community’s impact on the waste stream and the environmental hazardous negligent disposal has on our ecosystem.

The University of Utah separates recycled goods. The major benefits to this model are:

  1. We can sell materials back to distributors and manufactures to help fund this program.
  2. This model cuts down on contamination that single stream models suffer from.

Recycling inside buildings is maintained by Custodial Services. If a bin inside your building is overflowing contact Custodial Services for removal at 801.581.6100.

Outside recycling is maintained by Waste Management. Contact Josh James for more information.

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We recycle two types of paper on campus, Mixed Pack and Office Pack.

Mixed Pack is:

  • Newspapers and advertising inserts
  • Magazine, catalogs, phone books and paper backs
  • White, colored, goldenrod, fluorescent papers
  • Unbleached papers
  • Envelopes: with or without windows
  • Direct mail
  • Index cards: white or colored
  • Manila envelopes or folders
  • Paper ream wrappers
  • Staples, paper clips, tape sticky-notes
  • Paperboard or non-corrugated cardboard

Office Pack is:

  • White papers: copy, fax, typing bond
  • Pastel colored papers, carbonless papers
  • Pre-shredded office paper
  • Envelopes: with or without windows
  • Direct mail
  • Index cards: white or colored
  • Manila envelopes or folders
  • Staples, paper clips, tape, sticky-notes
  • Bindings: Wire or plastic, comb or spiral


The University collects plastics 1 (PETE) and 2 (HDPE).

We do not collect plastics 3 – 7 at this time, but would encourage staff, faculty and students to take them home to be recycled.

To find out what type of plastic you have, look on the bottom in the recycling triangle. If there is no number it is most likely a 7.


Corrugated Cardboard is usually made of three different layers, the two outer layers having a smooth surface while the central inner layer is corrugated. Non-corrugated cardboard belongs in the Mixed Pack bins. Please Remember:

  • No food waste
  • Must be broken down
  • Must be corrugated
  • No pizza boxes

We collect aluminum cans and foil in the aluminum bins. Tin cans can be put in the aluminum bins if they are completely rinsed out and placed in a separate plastic bag.

If you have any other type of metals please contact the recycling office to arrange a special pick up.

Printer and toner cartridges: must be placed in a box for pick up. It does not need to be the original box it came in. Please collect a few before contact Waste Management.

Batteries: Both ends need to be taped. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for pick up. To contact them click here.

Glass: cannot be recycled at the U. We do not have a program because the bins get filled with glass containers from people’s homes and we do not have the budget or workforce to cover that.

There is a bin for public glass recycling located in the south end of the parking lot of Steiner Ice Arena, 645 South Guardsman Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108


  • All University property should be properly disposed of through University Surplus and Salvage. You can contact them here
  • The U typically offers public electronics recycling one day a year during Earth Week (April). Check with your department for more information around that time.

Wooden Pallets

  • You can call Moving Services to arrange a pick up. Contact them here

Joshua James

  • Recycling Coordinator
  • office: 801-581-5173
  • Send email