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The Carpenter shop is dedicated to providing quality service to the University community in

renovation projects, painting, construction, woodwork and carpentry, electric projects, and flooring and tiling. 

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Please contact dispatch if you are having issues submitting a work request, please contact dispatch at 801 - 581 - 7221 or email us at


Our Services

Exterior / interior finishes

      Painting, drywall, framing, hanging, and taping as well as small remodel projects, building envelopes, and graffiti removal.

Concrete and Curbs

Replacement, reparation, and installation of concrete, brick, cinder block and paving stones throughout campus.


Floor finishes, carpet, VCT floor tile, wood flooring.


Repairs of all different roofing types as well as information on gaining roof access.


Installations, reparations, and replacements on all storefronts, single pan windows, and tempered glass features.

Systems furniture

Hanging whiteboards, shelving, and removing and replacing modular furniture, countertops, solid surfaces, bookcases, podiums; anything carpentry (we’ve yet to be stumped!)


For quote estimates, please email us at CARPENTRY@FM.UTAH.EDU.

Roof Access Training

Training and certification is required all clients wishing to access the roof. For more information on roof access, please visit the Building Access page.


Alan Burdick (Supervisor)

Years of University Service: 2012- present (2016- present as Supervisor)

Professional Skills: dry-waller, framer, hanger, concrete, construction finishes, job site superintendent, project manager, construction manager, ground up projects around the state and the valley

Hobbies: musician, singer-songwriter, Novelist, avid reader, golfer, bowling, camping.

Aspirations: publish a novel with a graphic novel version as well as an audio version, shoot a hole in one (got within 6") and bowl a 300 game (current record: 298).

"The 12" block U in the center of campus is a project I am most proud of as are the Marriott Library Plaza Fountain Project, numerous remodels around campus, the Carpenter Shop remodel, turning Eccles Bridge blue, and helping to place the "Imagine" banner across the big block U on the mountain."


Rick Wilcox


Years of University Service: 17 years

Professional Skills: building envelop maintenance and trouble-shooting, project management and documentation

Hobbies: biking, skiing, running, tennis, reading, movies, music

Aspirations: **

"I am most proud of the roof replacement projects I have worked on and for the improvements that we are able to make and the planning and teamwork that goes into a successful project."


  • Email:
  • Cell: (801) 664-4776
  • Best time to contact: Monday - Fri. 7:30am - 4:00, emergencies anytime
Joe Weber


Years of University Service: 17 years (Paint Shop, Mower Shop, HVAC, Carpenter Shop)

Professional Skills: Journeyman, painter, lead man painter, estimator paint/blinds

Hobbies: golfing, sports, and yard work

Aspirations: Gaining more management experience to become a Project Coordinator/Manager/Supervisor

The Carpenter Shop remodel as well as the 19th office suite at the Park Building are two of my favorite projects. The Football Center paint job as well."


Vince Foster


Years of University Service: 10 (Grounds, Paint Shop, Carpenter Shop)

Professional Skills: carpentry, painting

Hobbies: camping, fishing, hunting

Aspirations: To have a long and successful career and build lasting relationships

"I am most proud of the remodeling project on the Carpenter shop as well as the paint job in the Athletics hall."


Travis Flygare


Years of University Service: 11

Professional Skills: Concrete and masonry

Hobbies: camping and spending time with family

Aspirations: **

"I am most proud of the fact that I have saved the university thousands of dollars from the work I've done! I am proud of everything I do!"


Dan Bills


Years of University Service: 13

Professional Skills: Woodworking, cabinets, carpentry

Hobbies: Building acoustic guitars

Aspirations: To play the instruments I build

"A am proud of all my projects past and present. But particularly President Pershing's custom desk."


Brent Dixton


Years of University Service: 11

Professional Skills: Carpenter, cabinet maker

Hobbies: Professional site-seer

Aspirations: "I dream of having hope. I hope this dream comes true."

"I am proud of everything I do. I believe that is why people call me for advice!"


Mike Hughes


Years of University Service: 31 years (paint shop, carpenter shop)

Professional Skills: Journeyman painter

Hobbies: Photography

Aspirations: Retire healthy and travel

"I am very proud of the buildings I have painted around campus."


David Lund


Years of University Service: less than a year

Professional Skills: journeyman, dry-wall, painter

Hobbies: spending time with family, camping, avid skier and baseball player

Aspirations: Lead by example for coworkers and be a role-model for kids. Love life!

"I am proud of my work on New Ways in Springville, the Gateway Mall remodels, LDS Temple remodels in South Jordan!"


Berry Alexander


Years of University Service: less than a year

Professional Skills: journeyman painter, dry wall repair, landscape and maintenance, greens keeper

Hobbies: camping, fishing, hiking, and weight lifting

Aspirations: to be able to have a great retirement from a place like the U

"I am proud to have worked on projects such as The Montage in Deer Valley, City Creek Center in Salt Lake, C7, and the Federal Aviation Administration Buildings."


J. Brandon Peterson

Years of University Service: less than a year (Teaching and Learning Technologies (audio/video installations), Carpenter Shop

Professional Skills: Mechanic, HVAC Maintenance and Controls, Aquatic Facility Operator, general maintenance, welding and fabrication, install furniture systems design and install

Hobbies: playing sports, playing guitar, avid concern goer, hiking and camping

Aspirations: To have a long and successful career and build lasting relationships

"I designed and built a 12' tall by 8' wide book for the JCC Kindergarten play. I also restored my 1978 Dodge Powerwagen!"


Ron Ellis


Years of University Service: less than a year

Professional Skills: Cabinet maker, Carpenter

Hobbies: Skiing, Camping, Biking

Aspirations: Make a positive impact on everyone I meet - enjoy life!

"I take pride in everything thing I do."


  • Email:
  • Cell: 801 - 673 - 3956
  • Best time of contact: Monday - Friday 7:30a - 4:00p
John M Wolfe

Years of University Service: New to the U

Professional Skills: Carpentry, glass, landscaping, drywall, interior finishes

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, camping

Aspirations: To be able to watch my grandkids grow, Live life and have fun and spend quality time with family

"I am most proud of landscaping a waterfall and rock wall project in St. George, Utah"


Mont Starley

Years of University Service: less than a year (departments served: District 6, Carpenter Shop)

Professional Skills: Most all aspects of construction.

Hobbies: Sports, hanging with family

Aspirations: "I'm living the dream everyday"

"I am most proud of the basement remodel in my home."


  • Email:
  • Cell: 801/390-3907, if no answer text me
  • Best time of contact: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
T.J. Middleton

Years of University Service: one and a half years

Departments Served In: Carpenter Shop

Professional Skills: Roofing, glazing, carpentry, drywall, paint

Hobbies: BBQ, lumping, wood working

Aspirations: To develop a state of the art ice cube tray system.

"I am most proud of the giant boomerang I build for my kid's Halloween costume - it spanned 4 ft."


Parker Jefferies


Years of University Service: less than a year

Professional Skills: Concrete, arborist, small engine repair

Hobbies: Skateboarding, cycling, hiking, camping

Aspirations: To buy or move into a small house on a big lot in the country. Presently in the process of rebuilding an older Mercedes Benz car,

"I am proud of the multiple motorcycles I have rebuilt"


  • Email: N/A
  • Cell: 801 - 581 - 8275
  • Best time of contact: TBA

Contact Information

For individual contact information, please see team bios above or email office mail with " Attn: *name here*" in the subject box

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