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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows our Analysts and Program Developers to display, map, and query information to help our clients visualize their data, help reveal relationships, or help identify trends over time. We can provide maps of the entire campus or specific parts of campus, and provide geospatial web applications for internal department and University use.

Our BIM Specialists and support staff are responsible for maintaining the University of Utah’s official Building Repository which includes building plans, floorplans, utility plans, and mechanical plans. They are also work on building 3D Revit models of campus buildings.

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Data We Manage

Data Records & Management maintains GIS and other types of spatial data for Facilities Management at the University of Utah, as well as other partnering stakeholders on campus (i.e. Commuter Services, University Marketing and Communications). Data available includes building footprints, floor plans, and survey data. GIS also stores all of the data that can be viewed in the campus map.


How Can We Help You?

Our GIS and BIM Specialist are here to help provide the spatial data and campus related information you need, or to set you up with the tools to help collect data that may currently not exist.


Data Requests

Examples of data requests may include maps (printed and/or emailed), CAD files (.DWG), Revit models, or PDF as-builts.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the GIS department.

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Outside Contractors

A&E Architects engineers or consultants will need to fill out a NDA form. To do so,  please contact Facility Support. Requests will be processed within 2-3 business days. If the request is urgent please include that in the email.


Need Utility Information?

Utility Locate Request

Need a Building List?

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Use this online form to view or download the official list of University buildings as maintained by the Office of Space Planning & Management.


Last Updated: 6/16/22