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Q:  Who do I contact to submit a work request?

A: Any University employee can submit a request using CIS.  Log in, find Facility Operations, expand to Customer Request, complete form and submit.

Q:  How long does it take for a non-emergency work request to be processed?

A: Non-emergency requests are attended to within three days of request.

Q:  How do I know when a CIS submitted request should be marked maintenance, billable, or bid?

A: A request for building maintenance is for any building maintained under university service agreement.  Corrective maintenance is assigned to a request that is a repair to something that runs the building. A billable service or repair is a request to repair department equipment, make changes requested by department or providing services.  A bid requires a chartfield and will be charged if work is done.  A bid is used to find out the price of projects.

Q:  What is the difference between corrective and non-corrective work and how are they paid for?

A: Corrective maintenance repairs are necessary for building to run safely and proficiently.  Non-corrective are changes that departments request.

Q:  What are the average time frames for work to be completed?

A: Times vary by type of request.  Temperature issues are usually resolved within 24 hours.  Projects can be 1-3 weeks.

Q:  How much is the work going to cost to complete?

A: Costs vary by project and repair. Individual shops can sometimes provide a rough estimate based on similar past projects.

Q:  What is the schedule for the work to be completed?

A: Schedules vary.  For more information on work request, contact the Facility Coordinator for the building.

Q:  What is the impact to my area when the work is being done?

A: If repairs or projects are being done in your direct work area, arrangements are made to work around the person while work is being completed.

Q:  Who/what determines if a request is billable or not?

A: This is determined by building and type of work.  Processing is done through Facilities Dispatch.

Q:  How will I know when the requested work has begun and completed?

A: An email is sent when the work order status changes.  One is sent when assigned, completed and when it is closed.

Q:  Where do I go to find out the status of a work request?

A: For projects, contact work planning coordinator assigned.  For all others call Facilities dispatch or Facility Coordinators.

Last Updated: 3/7/22