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What We Do

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department combines information with a spatial location to allow Facilities Management and our clients to visually manage and analyze information about the features and systems on campus.  GIS is a powerful tool that can reveal relationships between seemingly different features, identify trends and patterns over time, or simply act as an intuitive way to get around campus.  We provide maps and data for the entire campus and serve multiple departments that need to view or analyze geospatial information.

Our Building Information Model (BIM) Specialists and support staff are responsible for maintaining the University of Utah’s official Building Repository, which includes building drawings and floorplans. The team is also working on building 3D Revit models of campus buildings.

projects & Initiatives


Data We Manage

GIS maintains a large catalog of datasets for the University of Utah campus, which includes data about our built environment, such as buildings, sidewalks, roads, landscaping, and utility systems.  We maintain data for various departments, such as Commuter Services, Public Safety, University Information Technology, Office of Sustainability, and several others.  Some of our datasets are viewable on the interactive Campus Map.


How Can We Help You?

Our GIS and BIM specialists are here to help provide the spatial data and campus-related information you need or to set you up with the tools to help collect data that may currently not exist.

Data and Map Requests

Examples of data requests may include

  • Custom maps, printed or digital
  • Spatial (GIS) data maintained by Facilities Management
  • BIM models
  • Archived building and project drawings

Please submit a request by completing one of the following forms:

General gis & map requests

building/project drawing request

View the comprehensive University of Utah building list here.

Utility Information & Locate Requests

For utility data requests (maps & data), utility locate services (Red Stakes), or utility information services  click here

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the GIS Department

Last Updated: 5/31/23