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The SEED2SOIL program brings together experts and stakeholders along with operational sustainability topics to expand, prioritize, and refine known opportunities for carbon reduction.

Process is led by the Cultivators, an administrative committee, meeting on a biweekly basis:
  • Chris Benson (Facilities S&E)
  • Lissa Larson (Facilities S&E)
  • Dr. Sarah Hinners (GCSC)
  • Sam Jensen-Augustine (PDC)
  • Emerson Andrews (Sustainability Office)
  • Alexis Pearl Lee (UHealth)

  • Make an impact
  • Brainstorm your ideas to improve University upporations in relation to sustainability
  • Have your research topic endorsed and funded
  • Have ideas guided by an expert
  • Network with experts, stakeholders, and cultivators


Social Enagement, Evaluation, and Discovery Seeds

Any event to capture ideas for projects that would improve University operations in relation to sustainability

  • SEED events may bring together subject matter experts, review campus operations, brainstorm new ideas, etc.
  • Ideas will be collected into a prioritization spreadsheet then sorted by “areas of influence.”

SEED Flowchart

Sustainable Operations Working Groups Hand with Seeds

Group of diverse stakeholders and subject matter experts related to one of the ten different areas of influence.

  • Each SOW group is lead by a chair (or co-chairs) to guide ideas through the SEED2SOIL process.
  • Group will meet for a full-day workshop annually* to review ideas generated during SEED discussions and prioritize projects to be developed to a shovel-ready state.

SOW Flowchart

Sustainable Operations Investment Leadership Wheelbarrow

Annual funding meeting in late February to review shovel-ready project proposals and commit to funding to high priority projects.

  • Funding committee will look at all prioritized projects and their supporting documentation to assign funding.
  • Attendees will include multiple partners with available funding.

SOIL Flowchart

Project Labor Accounting Navigation TeamShovel

Phase in which funded projects are being implemented.

  • Implementation may be led by other existing groups, such as Planning, Development, and Construction (PDC) or Small Project Teams.
  • Projects shall regularly report updates and status tracking to assigned SEED2SOIL representatives.

PLANT Flowchart

Historical Analytic Results & Visualized Evidence Support Team apple

Annual meeting to review projects that were selected for implementation; discuss lessons learned; and set any priorities or intentions for the upcoming year.

HARVEST Flowchart



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Last Updated: 6/16/22