Sustainability and Energy Management


The Facilities Sustainability & Energy division is responsible for benchmarking performance across 278 buildings, managing utility procurement, and leading strategy to fund and execute operational initiatives that will help the University of Utah achieve its commitment to carbon neutrality and improved local air quality. To that end we implement and manage a variety of projects to improve conservation and support sustainability - from lighting retrofits to HVAC upgrades. We are also a resource to University departments and auxiliaries wishing to implement similar initiatives in their own spaces, and can help with design assistance as well as with utility incentives and rebate programs.


The University of Utah has exceeded its goal of reducing energy by 20% by 2020 as part of the United States Department of Energy's "Better Buildings Challenge." The University accomplished energy savings of 25% across 17 million square feet of building space since 2008 (the base year for the Better Buildings Challenge commitment). Learn more about how we achieved this goal and the impact of the savings:

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What We Do

Air Quality

Our department is dedicated to monitoring our air quality in attempts to reduce our campus' emissions into our air.


Our campus is working to understand the dynamics and impacts that climate change will have both locally and globally.


 The Energy Management Office exists to reduce energy costs and promote maximum energy-efficiency at the University of Utah. 

Waste & Recycling

Dedicated to reducing our campus community's environmental impact. 


The University of Utah is making headway on its goal to achieve water neutrality. 


The health and wellness of people is a vital part to the sustainability of our community. 

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About Us

Our team of 8 is devoted to reducing energy costs while promoting continual education at the University of Utah on a more energy-efficient campus.

Current Projects

The Energy Office designs, manages, and implements increased efficiency measures across campus including retrofits and upgrades for non-capital improvements.


Our office assists in education efforts for managing energy, including proper use and training on control systems and opportunities for improved efficiency in your space.

U of U Recognized as Green Power Leader by the US EPA!


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