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The Irrigation team follows standards that are set forth by the Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management, which states laws and regulations that we must follow. We are responsible for all plant irrigation that takes place on campus. This means that we are responsible for all irrigation clocks, valves, boxes, lines, heads, drip equipment, etc.

The largest percentage of watering is done by Maxicom, a central computer that uses information from weather stations, using ET or Evapotranspiration, to calculate the amount of irrigation needed to keep plants alive and growing properly.

What We Do

close up of irrigation system

Irrigation Zones and Micro-Climates

The University of Utah Irrigation department is responsible for monitoring and inspecting all irrigated zones to ensure proper maintenance of the university of Utah turfs. The team responsibilities include:  monitoring watering zones, tracking weather forecasts, installations and repairs.

WeatherTRAK System

Here at the University of Utah, we use the WeatherTRAK watering system. WeatherTRAK provides the University with better water distribution, irrigation system management, and the ability to track water usage. Not only does WeatherTRAK help with water savings, but also with reduction to labor and maintence costs.

sprinkler box

Last Updated: 6/16/22